Recipe for the perfect Easter Cake

I have always been a keen baker.  My attempted journey from hopeless to Hollywood (Paul) started age 11, baking batches of cheese scones for my family.  They were obliged to force them down and make encouraging noises despite them being chemically indistinguishable from glue.  The arrival of kids of my own meant new forays into the world of cakes and the production of several buttercream heavy creations that no one of sound mind or steady hand would recreate.    Cakes of Infamy (which by the way would make a great name for a board game) include an Octonauts cake that looked like I was trying to recreate “The One Where Kwazi Kitten Falls Into A Volcano And Gets Melted” and a Fireman Sam cake where I had to resort to printing out a picture of Fireman Sam to stick on top of the cake after my attempt to render him from fondant icing left him looking like it was him who needed to call the emergency services.

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