Malmo & Moss Does The Triple Bunhawk

I got married quite young.  By which i mean 26 rather than 16 before you guys get the impression that I was a child bride.  As a result, I have never really encountered the world of internet dating.   The internet still required a dial up connection around the time I met my husband and tinder was something that Ray Mears carried in a sweaty pocket of his horribly tight khaki trousers to light fires with.  However, if I had to write an online dating profile it would read something like "folicly challenged female with slim fingers and once perky breasts seeks Ryan Gosling".   Both the thin fingers and hair are inherited from my mum and, whilst I am grateful that I can always turn to hand modelling if my career in sustainability hits the skids, the fine hair is decidedly less of a blessing.  As bouffant's go it is like the bastard child of Barry Gibb and Bobby Charlton.  Simultaneously both fine and frizzy and completely unable to hold a curl. Greece could probably pay back the IMF it's entire national debt with the amount of money I have spent on volumising shampoo over the years.  In the unlikely event that I were to pursue a career in soft porn then  there would need to two fluffers on set, one for flaccid willies and another for my coiffure.  That is if they had turned down my request for a bouffant rather than bum double.    

Looks and Finds, our resident hair expert has, on the other hand, the hair of my dreams.  With the Summer holidays upon us, she has kindly agree to share with us (and beautifully model) a fail safe holiday hair style which will keep your hair up and out of your way on hot days without making you look like an extra from Prisoner Cell Block H.    Introducing the Triple Bun Hawk.

The Triple Bunhawk Tutorial

Step by Step Guide to the Triple Bunhawk

  1. Take the top third of your hair and plait it, then secure it with a clear elastic band.

  2. Pull the plait apart with your fingers, making sure you don't pull to much- you don't want it to fall apart!

  3. Now you've got your beautiful full plait, twist it in to a bun using hair grips to secure it.

  4. Once you're happy that you're first bun is in place, take half of the remaining hair that is down and repeat the process you used to create the first bun.

  5. This is your last bun so just repeat the process!

Having watched the master at work I decided to have a go with my #bobbycharltonbarnet so armed with a stash of kirby grips I set to work.  

As you can see the results are errm slightly different to those achieved by Looks and Finds (expect my next blogpost to feature a crowdfunding campaign to pay for my trip to Bulgaria for a hair transplant).  However, I still kind of like what is going on back there and it was really easy to follow the step by step guide. Would love to see how you guys get on with the Triple Bunhawk so post a picture to instagram if you fancy having a go and tag me @malmo_and_Moss and use the hashtag #TripleBunhawkChallenge.  In next months #CoiffColumn, Looks and Finds is promising to share with us the secret to no heat curls so get ready to ditch your curling tongs and go wavy au naturel.